The City of Griffin welcomes Industry, and our municipal electric department powers the City's growth with competitively priced electricity and value-added services aimed at making Griffin's Industries more efficient. Services available to Industrial customers both large and small include:

Preconstruction Assistance
Whether you are planning a new facility or an addition to an existing facility, our utility personnel can provide valuable assistance before construction even begins in helping you select electrotechnologies that will improve operating efficiency and productivity.

Power Quality Audits
Energy efficiency experts from MEAG Power are available to analyze electrical disturbances in an attempt to identify the cause. Once the cause if found, our experts will recommend actions you can take to eliminate or minimize the problems, thereby improving efficiency and profitability.

Security Lighting
Dark parking lots and facility exteriors invite vandalism and create a sense of insecurity for your employees and customers alike. Security lighting systems installed and maintained by Griffin Power can help prevent these problems and provide peace of mind. Installation or connect charges are low, and the flat monthly service fee pays for operation and any service your system may require. Monthly fees are based on the size of the lighting fixture selected.

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Contact Numbers

Operator: 770-229-6400
Central Services: 770-229-6421
Customer Service: 770-229-6403
Environmental Hotline: 770-229-6625
Planning & Development: 770-233-4130
Police Department: 770-229-6450
Narcotics Tip Line: 678-692-0452
Public Works: 770-229-6603
For Power/Water Outages Call: 770-229-6406
National Human Trafficking Resource Center: 1-888-373-7888