Crime Scene Unit

The crime scene investigator oversees complex crime scene investigations, including but not limited to homicides, sexual assaults, armed robberies, home invasions, and property crimes such as burglaries. Approximately 70% of their time is spent processing crime scenes, packaging and transporting evidence, attending and photographing autopsies and attending briefings and conferences with the police agencies requesting assistance. The remaining time is spent preparing investigative reports, testifying in court, receiving continuing education, instructing classes, and maintaining equipment in a state of readiness.

CSI Unit investigators process scenes of major crimes at any hour of the day or night, under any weather conditions, systematically surveys area, and formulates a plan of procedure. They physically secure crime scenes (using ropes, barricades, police personnel, etc.) before conducting a search for all objects and articles that may be evidence. The crime scene investigator must also be proficient in "reading" and reconstructing the events as they happened just prior to, during, and shortly following the commission of the crime in order to determine the sequence of events and to ascertain the type and location of evidence. They provide advice and direction to case investigators in crime scene and evidentiary matters.

Due to continuing cutbacks at the state crime labs, the GPD CSI unit has had to increase its capabilities to the point that we now process most of our own evidence.

The Griffin Police Department CSI Unit investigators are sworn police officers with full powers of arrest. The average CSI Unit investigator will have at least 10 years of police experience prior to applying for a CSI position.

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