Criminal Investigation Division

Investigators of the Police Department are tasked with both following up on reports of criminal acts as well as taking proactive measures to prevent crime from occurring. Detectives are responsible for a variety of case development activity to include locating and recovering stolen property, gathering forensic evidence from crime scenes, processing the forensic evidence and interrogating criminal suspects. Detectives compile and organize this information into a format easily presented to the courts for prosecution



Captain Donald Britt

Captain Donald Britt is a 24 year veteran of the Griffin Police Department. He has experience in various areas of law enforcement with the Griffin PD including Uniform Patrol Division, Narcotics and Criminal Investigative Division. He was also the first School Resource Officer in the Griffin Spalding County School System. Capt. Britt has his Intermediate, Advanced, Supervision and Management Certifications and he holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Albany State University along with a Master of Public Administration from Columbus State University and is also a graduate of the Georgia Law Enforcement Command College.Capt. Britt is currently the Captain of the Criminal Investigations Division which includes Narcotics, School Resource Officers and the Records Division.

Persons Crime

Lieutenant Mike Richardson

The Crimes Against Persons Unit and the Crimes Against Juvenile Units are supervised by Lieutenant Mike Richardson who assigns cases and runs the day to day operations of both units. Each of these Units is staffed with two Detectives.

The Crimes Against Persons Unit is tasked with investigating those cases that involve a crime of violence or sexual assault against a person. These cases include, but are not limited to, homicide, rape, robbery, kidnapping, assault, battery, family violence, etc.

The Crimes Against Juveniles Unit investigate crimes committed against children and crimes committed by children. This unit also handles a majority of our missing person cases as a large majority of those cases often involve children. In addition, the Juvenile Unit often works with and assists the Juvenile Justice Department and the Department of Family and Children Services.

In 2011, 2012 the Griffin Police Department Crimes Against Persons Units average case clearance rate was fifty two point two percent (52.2%), as compared to the National average of forty seven point twenty five percent (47.25%).



Property Crimes

Lieutenant Tony Thomason

Lieutenant Tony Thomason supervises the Crimes Against Property Division and assigns cases to five other investigators.

Crimes Against property include theft, entering auto, burglary, criminal damage, theft of motor vehicles, and other crimes of this nature. Once these investigators are assigned the case they will contact the victims and review any leads available. Investigators then use these leads to begin the investigation; this may include conducting interviews, search warrants, and arresting offenders. At the conclusion of the investigation our investigators make the victims aware of the disposition of their case and return any recovered property.

The Crime Against Property Division works hard to resolve these cases, and we currently have a clearance rate of 40.1% versus the national average of 16.8% (2011/2012).

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