Water Treatment Plant
Reservoir & Water Treatment Plant
Harry Simmons Water Treatment Plant was constructed in 1929 for the treatment of drinking water in the Griffin area. The plant took the place of clear wells at the City Park. In 1929 the raw water source was the Flint River and water was pumped 12 miles to the treatment plant. Due to growth in the region and the short supply of water in the summer months, Heads Creek reservoir was constructed in the mid 1960's for storage capacity. Harry Simmons Water Treatment Plant is permitted for 12.5 mgd and Heads Creek reservoir storage is 621,000,000 Gallons of water. Still Branch Reservoir was completed in 2005. The reservoir/filter plant is designated by Georgia EPD as a regional reservoir supplying water to Pike County, Spalding County, East Coweta County, North Meriwether County, Williamson, Zebulon, and Griffin. The reservoir was filled with 4.1 billion gallons of water pumped from the Flint River. The treatment plant in the first phase will treat 12.0 MGD and eventually will treat 48 MGD. The finished water is pumped 21 miles to Griffin and 4.5 miles to Coweta County. This facility has state of the art technology and has been designed to protect the ecosystem of the Flint River.
Pump Station
Flint River Pump Station originally was constructed in 1929. In 2014-2015 the pump station was completely replaced at a total of 8.75 million dollars.


Water Quality Report
2019 Water Quality Report

Master Plan
Water Master Plan 2010-2050

Broken Pipe Policy
The City of Griffin's Water / Wastewater Broken Pipe Adjustment Policy
Broken Pipe Policy

Cross Connection
The Environmental Protection Agencies Cross Connection Manual


Backflow Test Form

The Backflow Contractor Portal is a feature that allows testers to enter backflow test results on site and automatically submit them to the City of Griffin from the portal without having to fill out additional forms or e-mails.

Register and Visit the Contractor Portal: http://contractors.hiperweb.com/ 

Hydrant Testing and Flushing
The City of Griffin's Testing Policy and Manual
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