Regular Scheduled Meeting
May 13, 2014
6:00 PM


Call to order by Chairperson Mclemore
Pledge of Allegiance


  1. Recognize Jacob Taylor, Systems Administrator with the Information Technology Department, as the April 2014 "Strongest Link" award recipient. Chief Technology Officer Jack Poland will address.  No action required.    
  2. Review Financials for March 2014.  Chief Financial Officer Markus Schwab will address.  No action required.  
Citizen Comments


At this time, the Chairperson opens the floor to comments from the audience. Comments should relate to a specific agenda item, not listed on the agenda for a Public Hearing, or to a concern within the jurisdiction of the City. Commission meetings serve the purpose of conducting city business and are not a forum for the unlimited expression of opinion. The Chairperson reserves the right to limit comments to matters germane to city business and may refer speakers to the City Manager or other staff for resolution.


Public Hearings are conducted to allow public comment on specific advertised issues such as rezoning, ordinances, policy development, operating budgets and other legislative actions to be considered by the City Commission.


  3. Consider approval of Minutes Workshop on April 22, 2014 and Minutes of Regular Scheduled Meeting on April 22, 2014.  Approved.  


The Regular Agenda includes items on which the Commission will individually consider and possibly take action.
  4. Appoint Commissioners Joanne Todd and Rodney McCord to represent the City at the MEAG Annual Meeting on July 14 - 16 at Amelia Island, and appoint Joanne Todd to be the City's voting delegate for the MEAG Board of Directors elections, with Bill Bosch named as the alternate voting delegate.  Electric Director Bill Bosch will address.  Approved.  
  5. Consider approval to upgrade accounting, budgeting, and procurement software (currently Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP)) to the latest Microsoft platform (Microsoft Dynamics AX); approval to amend the City of Griffin's Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Operating and Capital budget by appropriating $367,000 towards the software purchase; approve transfer of $200,000 to General Fund Operating Cash from Electric Capital Improvement Cash (Scrap Metal Cash account), reallocate $167,000 ($75,000 from DOAS and $92,000 from Information Technology), and amend the budget accordingly.  Chief Financial Officer Markus Schwab will address.  Approved.  
  6. Consider approval, ratification, and acceptance of executed SunTrust documents; to authorize the Chairperson and Secretary to execute and deliver to SunTrust the standard banking resolutions, in the form presented and accompanying banking agreements.  Chief Financial Officer Markus Schwab will address.  Approved.  
  7. Consider approval to award negotiated bid and construction contract to Georgia Development Partners, LLC for the Oak Hill Cemetery Stormwater Wetland BMP in the amount of $148,999.38 for the Stormwater Department of the Public Works and Utilities Department.  Public Works and Utilities Department Dr. Brant D. Keller will address.  Approved.  
  8. Consider for approval, the purchase and installation of the Golf Course Driving Range net to Golf Range Netting in the amount of $63,800.00, and amend the budget accordingly.  Director of Public Works and Utilities Dr. Brant D. Keller will address.  Approved.  
  9. Consider a bid for the Boring of Ga Hwy 362 for the 1888 Mill Project to Crawford Grading & Pipeline, Inc. in the amount of $78,835.00 for the water and wastewater department of the Public Works and Utilities Department.  Public Works and Utilities Department Director Dr. Brant D. Keller will address.  Approved.  
  10. Consider approval to purchase the Flygt Pumps and Control Panel for Lift Station #8 from Xylem Water Solutions USA, Inc. in the amount of $29,585.45 for the 1888 Mills project; approval to move $29,585.45 to Water Operating Cash from Capacity Recovery Fee Cash Reserve, and amend the budget accordingly.  Public Works and Utilities Director Dr. Brant D. Keller will address.  Approved.  
  11. Consider the purchase of a 2014 F750 Dump Truck from Allan Vigil Ford in the amount of $71,975.00 for the Street Department of the Public Works and Utilities Department.  Public Works and Utilities Department Director Dr. Brant D. Keller will address.  Approved.  
  12. Consider approval to declare the following vehicles surplus and advertise for sale on  These vehicles were seized by Court Order.             
Chief Heaton will address. Approved.

  YEAR     MAKE        MODEL                 VIN #
   2000      DODGE      INTREPID   2B3HD46RXYH141607
   1988   FORD  RANGER PU      1FTCR143T7JPA02611
   1990   CHEVROLET  CAMARO  RS   1G1FP23E7LL128711
   2000   TOYOTA 4-RUNNER   JT3GN86R7Y0144021
  13. Consider Resolution and Letter of Support for The Griffin Housing Authority’s Redevelopment Initiatives regarding Meriwether Homes.  Planning and Development Department Director Taurus Freeman will address.  Approved.  
  14. Consider for approval a multi-year agreement between the City Of Griffin and Sonoco Recycling LLC for the installation of a material sort line to be installed at the City Of Griffin Regional Recycling Center to be used for the sorting of recyclable materials.  Central Services Director Phill Francis will address.  Approved.  
  15. Consider the cancellation of June 24, 2014, City Commission Workshop meeting and Regular Meeting due to Georgia Municipal Association Annual Conference.  City Manager Kenny Smith will address.   Approved.  
  16. Consider renewal of office lease with The Whalen Law Firm, LLP for Suites 520 and 524 of One Griffin Center in the total amount of $11,170 per year. City Manager Kenny Smith will address.  Approved.  
  17. Consider a Service Agreement between the City of Griffin, Spalding County, and Paragon Consulting Group for the services of Transportation Program Manager for City and County and amend the budget accordingly.  City Manager Kenny Smith will address.  Approved.  
  18. Consider a Memorandum of Understanding between the Griffin-Spalding County Development Authority, the City of Griffin, and 1888 Mills, LLC. City Manager Kenny Smith will address.   Approved.  
  19. Consider the Section 5311 Public Transportation Agreement for the operation of the Three Rivers Regional Transit System between the City of Griffin and Three Rivers Regional Commission in the amount of $15,193 for FY 15.  City Manager Kenny Smith will address.  Approved.  


The City Manager will update the Commission on pending items, upcoming workshops, meetings, conferences and other pertinent issues.


Commissioners will provide updates regarding issues of interest from their respective districts and/or committee reports.