Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

The mission of Code Enforcement is to be proactive and responsive to the needs of the citizens of Griffin while obtaining compliance with the city’s codes and ordinances.   

Code Enforcement has three primary areas of responsibility.

·         Receive citizen calls, letters and in-person reports of code violations throughout the city.

·         Proactively patrol the city’s streets to ensure that the City’s coded and ordinance are followed regarding health & safety.

·         Investigate violation complaints and work with private property owners to gain compliance when violation are found or open. 

These Ordinances are intended to improve the quality of life by ensuring a cleaner, safer and more attractive community. Compliance with these ordinances also can help reduce vandalism, deter crime and maintain property values.

For any and all code enforcement complaints of questions please call code enforcement at 770-233-4130.

You can also view all enforced codes by clicking on the link below.

City of Griffin Code of Ordinances  

Below, you will find answers to some commonly asked questions.

Some of these codes are not the entire code, they are provided as a reference only and you can find the complete codes on line by clicking on the link above, or by calling Code Enforcement.

Who is responsible for keeping a property clean? Resident or Tenant?

 Sec. 54-2. General cleanliness of premises

The owner and occupant of property within the city shall each be independently responsible for keeping the premises,   including all buildings thereon and the full yard thereof, clean and free from all garbage, refuse, filth, dirt, ashes, trash, rubbish and other offensive materials.

See  Sec. 54-5. General cleanliness of street margins

The owner and occupant of each lot within the city shall each be independently responsible for keeping the property between the actual traveled portion of the public street upon which such lot faces and the front margin of such lot clean and free from all garbage, refuse, filth, dirt, ashes, trash, rubbish and other offensive materials, and shall also be responsible for keeping the lot clean and free of weeds or other unsightly undergrowth and, if grass is allowed to grow upon the lot, for keeping it neatly mowed.

See Sec. 90-142. Keeping or storage of junked or inoperative motor vehicles prohibited; exceptions

Storing any motor vehicle that is wrecked, wholly or partially dismantled, majorly disassembled, or missing a key component, such as a motor, transmission or body parts is prohibited; failure to display a current license tag, tag decal, or (if required) current vehicle safety or emission sticker, shall create a presumption the motor vehicle is junked or inoperable.

What can I put on the curb?

See Sec. 74-35. Unacceptable curbside materials; residential and commercial

Commercial contractors, vendors, and residents are required to properly dispose of appliances, construction materials, carpets, mattresses, box springs, furniture, trees, stumps, fencing, wire, scrap tires, lead-acid vehicle batteries, large automobile parts, and other similar items. It is the responsibility of the prime contractor, and upon his failure to act, of the property owner, to keep private property free of waste, debris, and litter during new construction or during remodeling, repair and landscaping. It shall be unlawful for any person to place these items at curbside, except for special handing under prior agreement with the solid waste director.

When can I put out and collect my garbage can?

See Sec. 74-33. Collection of residential solid waste

Time and placement of containers. By 6:30 a.m. on the scheduled day for collection, customers should place their containers at curbside in front of the customer's residence. Both the solid waste and recycling containers should be placed approximately four feet from the edge of the roadway, but not so as to pose a physical or visual obstruction to motorists. Both containers may be placed at curbside the night before the scheduled day for collection; for example, if the scheduled day for collection is Monday, containers may be placed at curbside on Sunday evening. All carts shall be placed with the front of the cart squarely facing the roadway, so as to be capable of being picked up by automated collection equipment. Where there is insufficient right-of-way adjacent to the roadway, or other topographical difficulties exist which make it unreasonable to conform to the general requirements, customers should place their container at a location mutually agreeable to the customer and solid waste department, after consultation with the solid waste director or his designee. All containers should be removed from the curbside and returned to a location behind the customer's residence no later than 6:30 a.m. following the scheduled day of service. Due to holidays or other unforeseen circumstances, special collection dates will be announced or published through the local news media. Customers are encouraged to make suitable arrangements with neighbors or friends to set out and remove their containers from the curbside if absent during the hours specified herein; customers routinely allowing containers to remain at curbside outside of the hours specified shall be deemed to create a nuisance, punishable as a violation of this Code.

Can I put flyers on light poles?

See Sec. 58-2. Damaging, tampering with utility poles

It shall be unlawful for any person to mutilate any of the electric light, telephone, or telegraph poles erected or other public property in the city, either by cutting or by pasting or tacking bills, posters or cards on the electric light, telephone, or telegraph poles, or break any insulators, globes or wires belonging on such poles.

Where can I put up signs?

See Sec. 78-1. Displaying goods, signs, advertisements

It shall be unlawful to display any goods, wares, merchandise or junk, or erect or place any sign, bill, poster or advertisement of any nature on any portion of any street, sidewalk, parkway or other public property in any manner, unless approved by the board of commissioners.

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