Stormwater Projects

City of Griffin's First Public, Private Partnership - Eternal Hospice - 2015

2015 was a landmark year for the City and the Stormwater Utility. The city created its first Public, Private Partnership (PPP). The Eternal Hospice (Grogan LLC) and the City of Griffin worked together in the design, construction and financial participation in constructing a  2.35 acre site in the Upper Shoal Creek Basin consisting of a lake, stream buffers and a floatables collector – Bandalong for stormwater detention and pollution control. This 50/50 partnership not only enhanced the beauty of the hospice site but controls stormwater run-off and keeps trash and debris out of the stream reach. This project sets the foundation for other regional best management practices and public private partnerships in the city.




AZ Kelsey Stream Restoration- Completed 2017

A segment of stream along Kelsey Avenue will be restored in 2015 due to it being deeply incised, covered with kudzu, and threatening the infrastructure of an adjacent parking lot. The City is currently designing this ecosystem restoration project, which will include a bioretention area, a vegetated detention basin, approximately 970 feet of stream restoration, and replacement of two undersized culverts along the stream reach. This project will also treat and detain stormwater runoff before it enters the stream.





Upper Shoal Creek Regional Detention Facility- 2014

The existing amenity pond in the Upper Shoal Creek watershed was in very poor condition and maintenance had been neglected. Additionally the dam frequently overtopped. This project will involve removing the existing dam and constructing a new dam, concrete primary outlet structure, and outlet pipe system. A reinforced earthen emergency spillway will be incorporated into the dam design. Along with reconstruction of the dam, a forebay will be constructed at the upper end of the lake and will be fitted with a trash collector device to remove floatable trash from stormwater before it enters the lake.


Oak Hill Cemetery Stormwater Wetland- 2013

A drainage channel going through Oak Hill Cemetery was eroding and served as a source of sediment to Potato Creek. The mitigation involved construction of a detention basin along the channel with an extended detention wetland system of the detention basin. This project was designed to provide both peak flow reduction and treat water quality volume.






Flexipave- 2013

The City of Griffin installed 1000 square feet of Flexipave, which is a porous pavement made of recycled tires designed to filter and slow the rate of stormwater runoff to minimize erosion & flooding and reduce pollution.






Potato Creek Restoration- 2012

The headwaters area of the Potato Creek was identified as violating its designated use of fishing due to excessive levels of sedimentation. In order to meet its assigned TDML (Total Maximum Daily Load), 17% reduction in sediment levels was required. These projects included the use of streambank stabilization techniques, stream restoration, and stormwater BMPs (Best Management Practices) to help achieve the water quality goals of the TDML Implementation Plan. These projects resulted in 650 feet of streambank restoration along Potato Creek and the installation of various BMPs. This projects was funded in part by the Clean Water Act Section 319(h) Grant.




Lyndon Avenue Drainage Improvements- 2007

The intersection of Lyndon Avenue and North Expressway resulted in a hazardous rise in flood waters on North Expressway, as well as periodic flooding in three areas along this intersection, which will be alleviated in three phases: the first phase involved replacement of two undersized pipes under the shopping center property; the send phase involves the installation of two additional 6’ X 6’ concrete box culverts under North Expressway by Georgia Department of Transportation; the third and final phase, which will be done at a later date, involves replacing, retrofitting, and upgrading the existing pipe network within the Lyndon Basin.


5th Street & Wall Street Drainage Improvements- 2000

The existing piping system in the 5 th Street & Wall Street area improperly operated due to undersized piping and was replaced with a 72-inch aluminized corrugated metal pipe along with a detention/water quality pond to reduce flooding and non-point source pollution.






Bacterial Source Tracking

Potato Creek was listed by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division as an “impaired” stream due to excessive fecal coliform pollution and the City worked with the University of Georgia to develop a new technology that identified the bacterial pollution sources.





North Griffin Basin Water Quality Enhancement- 2003

The North Griffin Detention pond project comprised of a bio-engineering system to naturally filter the water and assist in the removal of contaminants and offered simple operation with low maintenance, stability, and relatively low construction costs for water quality enhancement.





Oakdale/ Evergreen Subdivision Drainage Improvements- 2003

Drainage improvements to the Evergreen Subdivision on Oakdale Drive were designed to improve the flow of stormwater by replacing several areas of undersized pipe networks, rehabilitating areas of high erosion, and adding several raised lid inlets.





Oakview Drainage Improvement- 2003

Drainage improvements were made on Oakview Drive by retrofitting the existing stormwater pond because it was undersized and redesigning the drainage network to address both flood control and water quality protection.


MacArthur Drive Drainage Improvements- 2000

Stormwater runoff caused flooding issues on MacArthur Drive and the surrounding areas during moderate to heavy storms, so the existing channel was redefined and minimal piping was installed.




Carriage Hills Subdivision Drainage & Road Improvements- 1999

Asphalt pavement throughout Carriage Hills Drive and Carriage Trace had extensive damage related to existing poor soil conditions and inadequate surface drainage/ stormwater conveyance, which resulted in degradation of the underlying fill materials and surface pavement damage. These issues repaired and corrected, as well as in addition of inlets.


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