Stormwater Utility

The Stormwater Utility is a funding mechanism that allows the City to operate and maintain its drainage infrastructure while meeting unfunded State and Federal clean water regulations. The main goal of the utility addresses the issue of stormwater pollutants and their removal or elimination before entering the stormwater system. The utility funding is being used to help fund the repair and maintenance of stormwater structures to prevent flooding problems caused by rainfall that washes off roofs, parking lots, and other impervious surfaces. Impervious surfaces are those areas within developed land, which prevent or significantly impede the natural infiltration of stormwater into the soil. Common impervious surfaces include roof tops, solid decks, asphalt streets, driveways, patios, parking areas, brick or concrete pavements, swimming pools, and buildings.

All property owners are being charged a stormwater utility fee fairly and proportionately for the demand they put on the system. A utility is the most predictable, equitable, and stable source of revenue. The utility divides the fees equitably among property owners of developed properties so that each owner pays only for the demand they put on the system. The amount of impervious area on all properties for non-single family parcels is derived using aerial topography and field measurements. Aerial photography is used to determine that the median amount of impervious area. Owners of non-single-family-residential are eligible for a credit is they have and maintain a stormwater detention or retention facility on their property in accordance with the City’s policies. Information concerning specific service charges is presented in the Policy Statements section of this plan.




ERU? How the Utility Rate Works
In order to calculate your payment it is imperative to first understand the meaning of ERU. The acronym ERU stands for Equivalent Residential Unit, or the amount of impervious area on your property… roof, patio, drive, etc. The standard ERU in Griffin is based on 2,200 SF of impervious area.

Residential: Less than 1,600 SF
House: 1,000 SF Driveway: 450 SF Total: 1,450 SF (impervious area) Charge (approx): Monthly $3.50
Yearly $42.00

Residential: Greater than 1,600 SF
House: 1,800 SF Driveway: 600 SF Total: 2,400 SF (impervious area) Charge (approx): Monthly $5.27
Yearly $63.24

Commercial: ERU = 2,200 SF
Building: 5,000 SF Parking, etc.: 10,000 SF Total: 15,000 SF (impervious area) Divide 15,000 SF by the standard 2,200 ERU = 6.81 ERUs. Round to 7 ERUs then multiply by $5.27=$36.89 per month; $442.68 per year


Legal Implications
Creating a stormwater utility and its legal implications.
Legal Aspects | Legal Implications

Used to manage our watersheds and create an example of how to for others.
Master Plan 2019

Required laws relating to the City of Griffin Stormwater program.
Establishing a Stormwater Utility | Utility Service Charge | Utility Amendment

The City of Griffin's Official Notice of Intent to comply with the final Phase II Permit and the Georgia EPD's final NPDES phase II Permit.
City of Griffin's Official Notice of Intent | Final Permit


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