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Public Notice:

Notice Of Application For A National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit

To Discharge Treated Wastewater Into The Waters Of The State Of Georgia

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City of Griffin Water and Wastewater

The City of Griffin has been designated by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division to supply finished drinking water regionally to 80,000 people. It is our commitment to provide the finest drinking water possible and deliver superior service to our customers at a reasonable cost. Our wastewater management program mission consists of the collection and treatment of wastewater through the development of CMOM (Capacity, Management, Operations and Maintenance Program.) The goals of the Utility are to provide an overall quality program for our citizens.

The City of Griffin has been treating and distributing finished water since the 1890's. The system has two withdrawal points on the Upper Flint River, one just north of the City of Griffin servicing Harry Simmons Water Treatment Plant and Heads Creek Reservoir and a second one north of Molena servicing Still Branch Reservoir. The City of Griffin owns and operates a regional distribution system servicing Griffin, Williamson, Zebulon, Concord, Pike County, Spalding County, part of Coweta County and Meriwether County and has a current total permit for 24.5 MGD.

The City of Griffin is also the owner and operator of three wastewater treatment plants and one land application system. It has been in the business since the 1930's. It services all of the City of Griffin and portions of Spalding County and currently is permitted for 5.75 MGD.


The Water and Wastewater Department supplies drinking water to the citizens of:

  • The City of Griffin
  • The City of Williamson
  • Spalding County
  • The City of Zebulon in Pike County
  • Coweta County
  • Lamar County
  • Butts County

It is also responsible for treating residential, commercial and industrial wastewater in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations.


Our Neighbors Down Stream

The City of Griffin provides a comprehensive approach to watershed management and the operation of its systems. Griffin in 1998 created the State of Georgia's first Stormwater Utility and most recently combined Water, Wastewater and Stormwater into one unit. The City of Griffin's residents are very conscientious of it's down stream neighbors from both water supply needs and water quality.

The Stormwater Department conducts quarterly sampling of its urban runoff and recently has developed a BMP tool (Best Management Practices) for improving water quality. Griffin is the only city in the nation to fly all its streams using infrared technology to seek illicit discharges to its waters.

The City of Griffin has installed state of the art technology to monitor the supply and quality of water as related to its point-source discharge to the Ocmulgee River Basin and the Flint River Basin. Further more its new Still Branch Reservoir has continuous flow monitoring of the Flint to insure and maintain the ecosystem and supply down stream.

Water & Wastewater Facts & Figures


  • Fresh Water Treatment Capacity: 20.5 mgd
  • Fresh Water Sources:
    • Flint River
    • Heads Creek Reservoir
    • The Still Branch Reservoir
  • Waste Water Treatment Capacity: 5.75 mgd

Departments and their roles

The City of Griffin maintains and operates a distribution system consisting of 185 miles of water mains and five water tanks. The City also owns and operates a wastewater collection system consisting of 200 miles of collector and sewer mains. In the distribution and collection system the department has state of the art sewer cameras, leak detection units and a GIS System in place. The SCADA system is currently being revamped with the latest technology. The City of Griffin boasts the first F.O.G. Department with full compliance meeting the demanding requirements of CMOM (Capacity, Management, Operations and Maintenance.)

Contact Info

Brant Keller
Public Works Director

100 S. Hill St.
Griffin, GA 30223
Ph: (770) 229-6424
Fax: (678) 692-0392
Report leaks: (770) 229-6406

P.O. Box T
Griffin,GA 30224

7:30 am – 4:30 pm
Monday – Friday

Todd Holderfield
Industrial Pre-Treatment
Phone: 770-229-6609

Doug White
Construction Project Manager / Fats, Oils and Grease (F.O.G.) Inspector
Phone: 678-692-0404

Danny Pryor
Construction Superintendent
Phone: 678-692-0397

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Contact Numbers

Operator: 770-229-6400
Central Services: 770-229-6421
Customer Service: 770-229-6403
Environmental Hotline: 770-229-6625
Planning & Development: 770-233-4130
Police Department: 770-229-6450
Narcotics Tip Line: 678-692-0452
Public Works: 770-229-6603
For Power/Water Outages Call: 770-229-6406
National Human Trafficking Resource Center: 1-888-373-7888