Open Records Notice

By Resolution of the Board of Commissioners, adopted at the regular meeting held June 12, 2012, Kenny L. Smith is designated as Open Records Officer and Teresa A. Watson and Diane Martin are designated as Assistant Open Records Officers. All Open Records Requests shall be made, in writing, and served upon the Open Records Officer or a designated Assistant in one of the following ways: (a) in person during normal business hours of the City at One Griffin Center, 100 S. Hill Street, 3d Floor, Griffin, GA 30223; (4) by U.S. Mail addressed to Open Records Officer, City of Griffin, P.O. Box T, Griffin, GA 30224; (c) by statutory overnight delivery addressed to Open Records Officer, City of Griffin, 100 S. Hill Street, 3d Floor, Griffin, GA 30223; (d) by email addressed to; or (e) by facsimile to (678) 692-0403. The enforcement provisions of O.C.G.A. Secs. 50-18-73 & 74 shall be available only to enforce non-compliance when a written request is made consistent with this notice. No enforcement shall be available for non-compliance with oral requests. Forms for making written requests are available, without charge, at One Griffin Center, 100 S. Hill Street, 3d Floor, and on the City's website.


PDF Version of Open Records Request



To:       Open Records Officer

            One Griffin Center

            100 S. Hill Street, Third Floor

            Griffin, Georgia 30223





City: State: Zip:

Telephone: Email:


I hereby request to inspect and/or copy the following public records:

Do any of the requested records relate to a civil action or administrative proceeding?

If YES, provide the style of the action or proceeding and the name, address, & telephone number of all parties or their counsel of record on a separate sheet. A copy of this request must be served by you contemporaneous with its filing on all parties to the action or proceeding, or their counsel of record, if known.


Electronic Messages & Data – To assist in locating electronically-stored data, provide the name, title, or office of the person(s) whose messages or documents you desire to inspect. To the extent possible, provide the name or subject matter of the message content, any keywords you suggest be searched under, and a range of dates during which the message or document was created. Please specify if you want a printout of the message or data or whether you want the data in its digital format. Unless a specific format is requested, it will be provided in the digital format in which stored. You should provide this information on a separate sheet.




I hereby request to inspect the records described above and am willing to pay the reasonable costs for search and retrieval, redaction, production and copying of such records, if not specifically exempted from disclosure.






            The strong public policy of the State of Georgia is in favor of open government. The City of Griffin shares the belief that open government is essential to a free, open, and democratic society, and that public access to public records should be encouraged to foster confidence in government. 

            The City of Griffin is an agency covered by Georgia’s Open Records Law, O.C.G.A. §50-18-70, et seq. Under this law, all public records shall be open for personal inspection, and copying, except those which by order of a court or by law are specifically exempted from disclosure. In order to comply with this law, the City has designated an Open Records Officer and Assistant Open Records Officers. These persons are specially trained in public records management and compliance with the Open Records Law. An Open Records Officer is available daily, during normal business hours, except weekends and City-observed holidays, to assist you with public records requests. 

            Under most circumstances, records will be made available for inspection within a reasonable amount of time following receipt of a request; generally, the request will be fulfilled within three (3) business days. If a request poses unusual requirements, within 3 business days you will be sent a written response telling you what records exist and the estimated cost for search, retrieval, redaction, production and copying of those records. You will be expected to pay the cost at the time records are produced for inspection. 

            Should the records you request be covered by a specific exemption from inspection, you will be given a written response setting forth the exemption claimed. Some exemptions are limited and only apply to certain data contained within the record; if this applies, the exempt data will be redacted and you may inspect a redacted version of this record. 

            Inspection of a public record includes your right to copy the record. The City may charge reasonable fees for copying requested records, not to exceed 10¢ per page for letter and legal-size documents. Odd-sized records may be reproduced at the City’s actual cost; electronic files may be available on digital media at actual cost. 

            A request to inspect records will not be deemed filed until filed with the City’s Open Records Officer or a designated Assistant Open Records Officer. Filings must be made, in writing, and may be personally served on the Officer, at City Hall, One Griffin Center, 100 S. Hill Street, Third Floor, Griffin, Ga 30223 during normal business hours. Filings may also be made by certified U.S. mail, return receipt requested, or statutory overnight delivery, addressed to the Officer at the above address. Further, you may file a request by emailing to or by facsimile to (678) 692-0403. Emails and faxes should be clearly labeled “Open Records Request”.


            A request form is available for your use in requesting public records.

I Want To
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